Skip Stradtman has a passion for telling stories through an a cappella lens.

And for Skip, arranging a cappella music is one of the greatest tools to convey a musical story to a listener.  Skip has seen most of his arranging success during his time in his collegiate group, Reverb. While serving as music director and arranger, Reverb placed 4th in the 2013 ICCA finals, 2nd in SOJAM 2013, and 1st at [BOSS] 2014, winning multiple arrangement awards in all three competitions. In addition, Skip helped to create Reverb’s first full-length album, “Evolve”, which features his arrangements and compositions. Many of these tracks were featured on multiple major a cappella compilation albums; in addition, the album won three 2016 CARAs, including best male collegiate album,

Beyond his collegiate group, Skip has been contracted for many types of arrangements varying in genre and voicing. Whether you are in a high school, collegiate, choral, or professional group, Skip has the musical chops and years of experience to help you create your own musical story for the whole world to hear.

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