What is Peter Yang if not just pure ENERGY?

Peter’s passion for creating and producing vocal music is paired perfectly with his never-ending fresh energy and excitement. His a cappella career began when he joined the JHU Octopodes., He led the group through 3 ICCA seasons, a stunning Sojam experience, and 2 highly acclaimed albums. He saw his time out in the group with a bang in the form of “The Kraken”; the notable CARA award winning collegiate album of all original music, making his a great addition to our songwriting team too! Beyond his collegiate career, Peter has tackled the solo a cappella scene and made numerous showings at the CARAs as well as on the Sing and Voices Only Forte compilations. Excited by his enthusiasm for a cappella (along with his knack for singing primarily Alto parts), The Cat’s Pajamas picked Peter up for his professional a cappella debut. With The Cats, Peter traveled the world on cruise ships from Tahiti to Hawaii to Alaska to Costa Rica performing for thousands.

Finally after settling down Peter is working full time with The Vocal Company as an A&R content creator and Resident Engineer of our Sled Dog Studios in Rochester.  Peter excels in studio as a Vocal Coach and behind the panel as an expert editing Engineer. His skills at work have yielded many CARA awards (Octopodes Kraken, Nor’easters Rise, Evolve Reverb). Peter wants to work on YOUR music and take it to the NEXT LEVEL. If you want your music to get that extra punch and a flair of Peter Yang, get him on your project now!

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"Peter helped me deeply connect with the meaning of the lyrics as well as formulate new ways to execute the vocals of the song. There is not much to say other than working with Peter is truly magical."

Amanda Fazio | The Nor'easters

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