Matt writes arrangements that make you hear songs in ways you could never have imagined; Matt writes music your audiences will remember.

After falling in love with a cappella arranging and founding his own group in high school, Matt Goldstein continued his a cappella adventures with The Vassar Devils as a student studying Music and Drama at Vassar College. He became the group’s music director as a sophomore, and after only 7 months as their leader he transformed them from a group that had never placed at an ICCA Quarterfinal before into one that held the title of Northeast Champion at the 2015 ICCA Finals. In his next 3 years as music director, he led the group on to win First Place at BOSS, to record their first professional album, “Coming Alive”, and even to perform for President and First Lady Obama at the White House. Matt was also featured along with the Devils on the POP TV docu-series “Sing It On”.

Matt’s work with the Devils has garnered him numerous awards, including “Outstanding Arrangement” awards at the ICCA, BOSS, and SoJam, multiple CARA nominations, and featured tracks on BOCA, Sing!, and Voices Only. He also arranges for YouTube star Malinda Kathleen Reese (the “Google Translate Sings” girl) and currently sings professionally as a member of Cape Cod’s all-male a cappella group, Hyannis Sound.

Matt takes joy in crafting emotional throughlines and memorable musical moments in each of his arrangements, whether they be soul-gripping pop ballads or 80’s summer jams. When he’s not making music, he enjoys eating chocolate chip cookies as full meals, hiking during that golden hour of sunlight right before sunset, and attempting to lucid dream!

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