Katherine makes music that gives you chills.

For Katherine, music – and vocal music in particular – is the most impactful way to distill human experience into meaningful expression. As a classically-trained pianist, she didn’t discover a cappella until college; but soon after finding the vibrant aca-community, she joined  Washington University After Dark, became music director for the next three years, and developed a lasting love for arranging. Her passion propelled her to seek out The Vocal Company, and since then, she’s been arranging for high school, collegiate, and professional ensembles throughout the US. Her work is featured on compilations such as Voices Only, and her arrangements have helped clients make it to the 2018 ICCA Open finals as well as advance in ICCA/ICHSA. She regularly masterclasses and teaches arranging at CASA festivals, and loves diving into score study with her classes to pick apart the most effective arrangements note by note.

Outside of a cappella, Katherine is pursuing her Master’s as a composer of contemporary classical music, and her award-winning works are performed throughout the US and internationally. Whether writing for instruments or arranging for voice, she is dedicated to lyricism, texture, and emotional story arc in her work. If you’re ready for nuanced, technically challenging arrangements – she’s your gal!

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