With fiery red hair and a 6’5” frame, subtlety has never been one of Jonny Stewart’s strong points.

Affectionately dubbed “Jonny English” by the Vocal Company team – he’s actually Scottish, but “Jonny Scotch” doesn’t roll off the tongue so easily – he joined KCL’s all-male group All the King’s Men in his freshman year, before taking the reins as Musical Director and primary arranger. Reaching the ICCA Finals in 2012 and 2014, two sellout runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and performing for crowds of thousands in Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea just wasn’t enough for this affable giant, which drove him to apply for a summer internship at the Vocal Company. Spending three months in America learning from the best minds in a cappella was an unforgettable experience for Jonny, adding sophisticated production techniques to his growing bag of tricks. He returned to the UK in September 2014, in order to preach the TVC gospel to the growing British a cappella scene, but a part of his heart will always be in ROC.

When not in the studio, Jonny sings bass in his professional a cappella group, RUBIX, and dabbles in choral and session work. He has branched out into live sound, running faders for collegiate and professional groups alike. His work has been featured (briefly) on ITV, nominated for multiple CARAs, and been selected for a cappella compilation albums in the US and the UK. More importantly, though, Jonny’s passionate about helping groups fnd their voice, maximise their potential, and have a life-changing experience in the process. And he gives the best hugs.

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