From live sound, to recording, to behind the scenes production, there isn’t much at TVC Jill doesn’t do.

Vocal percussion sensation Jill Clark was bit by the aca-bug in 2006 when she joined the UNCG Sapphires. After winning Best Vocal Percussion at SoJam ‘07 and ’08, and at the ‘10 ICCA South Semi-Finals, Jill graduated from the Sapphires and immediately joined forces with The Vocal Company the second it was founded. She’s been with us since the early days, and she keeps getting better. 

Nowadays, despite being based in North Carolina, Jill travels up and down the east coast (literally—she’s gone as far north as Rochester, NY and as far south as Miami, FL) during what we call “Live Season” delivering the BEST live sound engineering for an a cappella concert you can imagine. In between the Live Seasons, she’s driving and flying around the country as one of our go-to recording producers.  And when she’s not doing THAT, you’ll find her at the desk doing a million different post-production tasks on basically any and every project to make everyone we work with sound amazing. One could say she’s a “Jill of all trades”….if one wasn’t aware of how bad that pun may or may not be. 

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