He breaks boundaries, shatters expectations, and makes a mean curry.

The latest industry standout to come out of the great state of Florida, Jacob Tourjeman joined the TVC team in the summer of 2016 after earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Commercial Music from Florida State University and directing The Acaphiliacs for three years. Under Jacob’s direction, the Acaphiliacs not only competed in the ICCA for the first time but also went on to the South semifinals for three consecutive years. In between ICCA seasons, he led the Acaphiliacs to VoiceJam and SoJam, collecting awards along the way in recognition of his outstanding arrangements. Jacob capped off his college career and began his introduction to The Vocal Company by arranging and recording an album with the Acaphiliacs that went on to win a Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award for Best-Mixed Arrangement in 2016, and Best Debut Album in 2017.

Though a classically trained vocalist, Jacob has always been a huge fan of gospel and jazz music and often incorporates those styles into his arrangements. In addition to a cappella arranging and production, Jacob has extensive experience in songwriting as well as composing for choir, musical theater, and film. Through his work in music, Jacob has developed a passion for exploring the boundaries between genres and smashing through them to create fully immersive musical experiences never before heard. Jacob now has the opportunity to employ his personal experience with TVC clients as he lives and works out of Sled Dog Studios in Rochester, New York. Jacob’s had the opportunity to work with the groups like the Nor’easters, Faux Paz, The Originals, and Pitch Slapped on everything from award-winning albums to viral live videos.

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