Dave’s been a high-tech fixture on the a cappella scene since he joined RIT’s Eight Beat Measure in 2005.

Dave Longo is a connector, a talent curator, and a boundary pusher. Since his time as a vocalist in the Northern Highlands Regional High School’s Highlands Voices and RIT’s Eight Beat Measure, Dave has amassed an impressive array of accomplishments. His work can regularly be found on BOCA, SING, Voices Only, and each year’s CARA awards, and has recently garnered Best Mixed Co-Ed (Nor’easters Equilibirum, MIX Edifice, Octopodes Kraken), Best Male (Reverb – Evolve), and Best Female (AcaBelles – Rebel) Album. Dave started Sled Dog Music Group in 2010, which later became the parent organization of The Vocal Company, and has since involved himself with various entities and events ranging from CASA festivals to AEA National A Cappella Conventions. His mission, each day, is to change the world through music, whether that be via recorded media, workshops, or life changing events.

But resume highlights don’t capture the essence of how his passion for a cappella became a career-path one-eighty that’s now changing the industry. Or the aggressive idealism that leads him to treat a cappella – and the groups and individuals that perform it – as a microcosm of life’s “best-of” when it comes to talent, tradition, and business. Or the sense that the moment you (whomever you may be) enter Sled Dog’s studio, Dave Longo’s got your back.


Dave’s Work

"Dave pulled stuff out of our group that I didn't even know we had. We bring our creativity in and he bumps it up to the next level.”

Nicco Griggs-Drane| MANAGER, The Dear Abbeys

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