Danny is passionate about smashing barriers in video and audio.

His aca-obsession began at age 8, and—between multiple high school, collegiate, and post-collegiate groups—he’s been singing and beatboxing for most of his life. With a degree in Recording Industry Studies from Butler University, Danny took a detour to work as a video game developer for several years before joining The Vocal Company. Combining his music and tech backgrounds, Danny is here to make energetic music and start the a cappella video revolution. He specializes in EDM-infused mixes, moonlighting as multi-track artist zedarius, and producing #fireemoji electrocappella tracks that have appeared on compilations like BOHSA and Voices Only Forte.

Danny has also built out the video division of TVC (The Focal Company, if you will), which has amassed over 10 million YouTube views and changed the way a cappella music is shared. In the first year that video was included in the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards, he swept the category, beating out groups like Pentatonix and VoicePlay. With shifts in how music is shared and consumed, video is becoming a necessity and he is passionate about helping groups spread their music as far as possible.

Fun facts: Danny’s favorite things are sloths, complicated board games, and bubble tea (large, double boba, less sugar please!). He plays for Team Mystic.

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