Christopher Given Harrison (it only works if you use all three names) has been playing with a cappella fire since UCLA’s Awaken granted him group membership in the fall of 2000.

Over the following three years, he cut his proverbial teeth with them as a music director and arranger. Nearly three years after that (November of 2006, if you’re keeping track), he co-founded the group formerly known as Sonos and now called ARORA. Since then, he’s operated as a stateside version of Nigel Godrich for ARORA, serving as principal arranger and “whisper-bass” performer as well as digging into sound and aesthetic design, album production, FX pedal shenanigans, and other miscellaneous mischief.

Christopher Given Harrison (see?) lives and works in Los Angeles, writing and producing on a multitude of projects, including his band, ARORA (formerly Sonos) He would be delighted to arrange for you…and he’s not just saying that to be nice. Hit him up!

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