Lover of Music, People, and Doggos.

Chris Brody hails from the great state of Michigan and yes, if you ask him where he’s from, he will show you on his hand.  Chris is an a cappella renaissance man –  vocalist/beatboxer/arranger/music director/coach/clinician/producer/cheerleader.  He is all about making great music with great people. His a cappella journey started back in 2011 when he joined Oakland University’s Gold Vibrations.  Chris was elected music director as a sophomore and, over the next 4 years, helped lead the group toward the ICCA Finals in 2016. He graduated with a degree in Music Education, which has been a fundamental pillar for his industry experience; he loves doing his part to foster passion and growth in the rising generations by showing them all that a cappella has to offer.

After graduating, Chris joined the TVCFam™  through Next Level and hasn’t looked back since.  He now gets his hands dirty in almost every area of production: recording, editing, drum production, mixing, etc. Chris’s music/groups have been featured on BOCA, BOHSA, Voices Only, and have won CARA awards.  He currently sings with Inverse (@InverseVocals), a pro group he co-founded that’s determined to deliver music that makes people happy. Chris is down to collaborate with you any time and to help make your music (better).

The most important thing Chris wants you to know?  He loves pugs. Like, a whole lot.

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