Angela is one of the best producers in the business, period, and she doesn’t stop there.

Known pre-aca wedding as Angela Ugolini, Ang originally comes from the warm and sunny city of Boynton Beach, FL, but has been hopping all around the country since graduating from Florida State University in 2009. She began her a cappella career at FSU, where she directed the award-winning all-female group, AcaBelles, and led the ladies to ICCA finals as the 2009 South Champions.

After graduating Angela relocated to NYC, where she studied Audio Production at SAE Institute of Technology. While in NYC, she sang with the Contemporary A cappella League group, The Red States (now known as Restated), and co-founded NYC’s newest CAL female group, Empire.

Now Angela lives in Rochester NY at Sled Dog ROC, The Vocal Company’s flagship studio. Her work has been nominated for 100+ CARAs as well as received dozens of compilation placements on SING, BOCA, BOHSA, WACA, Voices Only and Voices Only Forte.

Angela also doubles as performer with her vocal band, Musae, and travels internationally as well as stateside to bring fierce a cappella all over the world.

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