How It's Done

The Recording Process

  • Recording

    Step one takes place in the studio. Our engineers double as vocal coaches as they track your group members one-on-one for every song. They’ll make every line sound better in ways you hadn’t considered, and help you bring that sound back to rehearsals and performances.

  • Editing

    No matter how stellar your performance during recording, some technical wizardry (a.k.a. editing) is always required to make you sound #flawless. In this stage, your producer will clean up all the miniscule tuning and rhythmic gremlins that are a natural result of the recording process.

  • Mixing

    Mixing is the intersection of technology and musicality, and it’s the magic that seperates the live a cappella sound from the studio sound.  It’s about musical expression – crafting dynamics and effects to create those moments that move your audience.

  • Mastering

    This final step in the process makes sure your songs sound amazing no matter where they are listened to.  The mastermind (pun intended) Dave Sperandio from Vocal Mastering will make your tracks sound as good in your ’03 Chevy Cavalier as they do on Spotify and iTunes.

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