Arranging Services

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  • Custom Arrangements

    Nothing fits you better than a customized professional arrangement. You pick the song, and we’ll collaborate on your vision to create  the perfect fit.

  • Stock Arrangements

    Looking for something really good, but need it really fast? Use one of our many tried and true stock arrangements!

  • Arrangement Edits

    Sometimes you just need a fresh pair of eyes to help uncover and build up those moments in your arrangement.

  • Part Tapes

    Help your group learn more quickly and accurately.  There’s no better way to hear an arrangement then by hearing someone sing it.

Vocal Arranging Services


Custom Arrangement


Arrangement Editing


Stock Arrangement


Part Tapes


Start with a production package!

All of our EP and Album recording packages include at least one or more custom arrangements! Immediately track your new song and get fresh music out to your audiences now.

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