Sound like you?

After years of working together on countless projects and watching our team and family grow, we started to notice some core values that we all live by and strive to work towards in everything we do. At TVC, we are:

Educational: Betterment relies on a constant desire to learn and grow.  We believe education is the future, which is why we have such a passion for both teaching and learning.

Tenacious: Great things take a lot of hard work, and we are willing to do whatever it takes to get amazing results. 

Positive: Things aren’t always perfect, but we’ve seen the power of positivity first hand, and it emanates from every team member as we tackle new projects and challenges.

Passionate: We wouldn’t be here today if we didn’t all have an overwhelming love for what we do, and it’s that passion for this art form that keeps us going every day.

Creative: We couldn’t help grow artists if we weren’t all creative minds ourselves. We see every project as a blank canvas, and want to innovate and celebrate to create something amazing.

Loyal: There’s a reason why we call ourselves a family, and it’s because our ties run deep. We would do anything for one another, and it’s that bond and teamwork that help us to accomplish more together than we could alone.

Now Hiring

Want to join the Fam?

We are always looking for the next superstar committed to helping make a cappella better. We are a team of weekend warriors, educators, producers in perpetual training, and just general aca-nerds that do this for the love of the artform. If that’s you, go on and introduce yourself!

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