Elliott’s love of music began at a very young age, which is to say, roughly around the time he was born.

After learning violin and piano, Elliott began his arranging career in high school, where he developed a love of vocal music that would grow into his profession as well as passion. Elliott finessed his a cappella career at Berklee College of Music, where he took the reins as music director for the school’s all­-male group, the CharlieChords. During his tenure, he brought them from modest beginnings to ultimately placing at 2015 Northeast ICCA­ Semifinals. After graduating, Elliott continued to mentor and arrange for multiple Boston area groups, including Tonal Recall and Treble on Huntington. The groups found that Elliott’s arrangements are challenging yet rewarding to sing, with sweeping, cinematic sonorities and a strong connection to emotional arc and storytelling.

Elliott’s training at the prestigious Berklee College has given him a rich musical palette — he has experience arranging and performing classical, jazz, pop, and electronic styles of music and is dedicated to making every arrangement he works on specially tailored to the unique singers in the group.

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